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Stephen DeCesare
1969 -
United States of America, RI
S. DeCesare
Stephen DeCesare (14/05/1969), an American composer, born in Rhode Island. He is fast becoming one of the most prominent young American composers, winning multiple national competitions and receiving numerous performances and commissions by theatres around the United States. He has a variety of styles in his repertoire: ranging from liturgical, opera, musical-theatre, orchestral, instrumental and pop. His composition: Our Lady Of Fatima Opera, had it's world premiere in October 1999 in Providence and has been performed in other theatres in the U.S. and is being considered in theatres in various parts of Europe. His music has been broadcast on radio stations around the United States and Canada.
Composed in:1993
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass, English and Italian texts
In memory of:Dana McGovern jr.
Label(s):own release Stephen DeCesare
Requiem is geared for the advanced choir/solo level. Requires Choir and four major soloists (Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor & Bass). It is mostly in Latin with one piece written in Italian and one English. It contains:
01. Introitus
02. Kyrie
03. Dies irae
04. Tuba mirum
05. Rex tremendae
06. Recordare
07. Confutatis
08. Lacrimosa
09. Domine Jesu Christe
10. Hostias
11. Hosanna
12. Agnus Dei
13. Lux aeterna
14. In Paradisum
15. Ave Maria
16. Remember Me