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Lucas G.R. de Lil
1963 -
L.G.R. de Lil
Lucas de Lil (09/04/1963), a Belgian composer, conductor and musician, born in Ghent. He studied at the Royal Music Academy of Ghent and Antwerp. His specialities are conducting choir and orchestra and singing. Among his teachers were Michaël Scheck (conducting) and Lucienne Van Deyck (private singing lessons). He qualified himself further in conducting choir and orchestra through several master classes in Belgium and abroad. He often receives composition commissions for all kinds of occasions. Being a composer himself, he dedicates himself to propagating and making ‘new’ classical music known.
For a while he was assistant bandmaster of the cathedral choir of Ghent ‘Schola Cantorum Sancti Bavonis Gandae’ and founder-conductor of the former ‘European Vocal Ensemble’.
Lucas de Lil is the conductor of Intimate Voices, a highly qualified ensemble in Ghent. He also conducts the 'Symphonic Orchestra of the University of Gent'.
He teaches at the Music Academy in Bruges. He is also well known as a guest conductor in several choirs and orchestras. Besides his work as a musician, Lucas de Lil is often asked as an interviewer and moderator. Most often to talk about music, but recently also about other issues, such as politics and topicality. A lot of associations invite him to give lectures about music.
Requiem voor Romeo
Composed in:1994
Musical form:song
Text/libretto:Eddy van Vliet
Requiem voor Romeo, a songcyclus for bariton and piano. Commissioned by Trefpunt VZW. Text by Eddy van Vliet (1942 - 2002), a Belgian poet and lawyer.
Contributor:Flavie Roquet
Eddy van Vliet
Requiem "Lux lucet (...)"
Period:21st century
Composed in:2000
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:several poets
In memory of:/ dedicated to Raymond Schroyens
Requiem "Lux lucet in tenebris, tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt", for mixed choir, clarinet, bass-clarinet, altoviolin, contrabass, vibrafoon and clavecimble. Texts by: several poets of 7 different nationalities. Dedicated to Raymond Schroyens (1933), a Flemisch composer.
Contributor:Flavie Roquet
Raymond Schroyens