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Leopoldo Gamberini
1922 - 2012
L. Gamberini
Leopoldo Gamberini (12/03/1922 - 22/04/2012), an Italian composer, conductor and musicologist, born in Como, died in Genua.
Anna Frank - Canata scenica
Musical form:cantata
In memory of:Anne Frank
This is a magnificent and impressive achievement, a War requiem that recalls Britten's, perhaps incongruously, as the music has little in common with his. But through the setting and interpretation of text of astonishing vividness and directness - in this case, the Diary of Anne Frank, a heartbreaking journal of the effects of the inhumanity of war (as in its different way, Owen's poetry was also), using whatever musical means were at his disposal, Gamberini has achieved a huge, complex work of stunning emotional inmpact. Hushed whispers from the choir, recorded church bell sounds, electronic and musique-concrete interludes and starkly expressionistic orchestral textures unfold in a huge war-tapestry that makes compelling, if uncomfortable, listening.
Anne Frank (12/09/1929 - 03/1945) was a Dutch-Jewish teenager who was forced to go into hiding during the Holocaust in the so-called 'Achterhuis'. Her diary, saved during the war by one of the family’s helpers, Miep Gies, was first published in 1947. Today, her diary has been translated into 67 languages and is one of the most widely read books in the world.
Anne Frank