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Paul Dinletir
1953 -
United States of America
P.B. Dinletir
Paul Birol [Paul] Dinletir (1953), an American composer. He initially just played piano and wanted to be a songwriter and jazz pianist. His wife was able to get him into a film and television music UCLA taught by Robert Etoll, who is now a collaborator. This led to him becoming a composer for X-Ray Dog where he composed trailers for cartoons (such as Samurai Jack until season 4) and reality TV shows; from that he saw the enjoyment he got from trailer music and eventually did that full time. Dinletir's influences are Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy; he regularly listens to soundtracks.
Requiem of the Night
Period:21st century
Composed in:2012
Musical form:free
A song of Audiomachine, composed by Paul Dinletir in 2012. It is a track from the Album 'Helios'.