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Olivier Deriviere
1978 -
O. Deriviere
Olivier Deriviere (26/12/1978) is a French video game composer, best known for his work on the Alone in the Dark, Obscure, Remember Me and Streets of Rage 4 soundtracks. His work on Remember Me won the 2013 IFMCA award for Best Original Score for a Video Game or Interactive Media.
A Plague Tale: Requiem
Period:21st century
Composed in:2022
Musical form:free
A Plague Tale Requiem, released October 18, 2022, contains:
01. A Plague Tale Requiem 04:00
02. A Beautiful Morning 01:49
03. Hide And Seek 01:16
04. The Dream 03:57
05. No Turning Back 04:20
06. The Friendly Lucas 01:56
07. Arnaud's Men 02:30
08. The Men After Me 01:16
09. The Rage Within 03:15
10. Unwilling Violence 03:04
11. The Rats And Hugo 01:15
12. Reunion 02:42
13. A New Foe 03:25
14. A Wreck 02:19
15. Alone Together 01:25
16. Siblings 01:35
17. Fragile 01:55
18. The Wall 02:11
19. The Storm 02:55
20. The Island 02:46
21. The Child (L'Enfant) 01:58
22. The Holy Child (L'Enfant Divin) 02:07
23. The Spirit Of The Island 03:56
24. Heavy heart 01:18
25. The Truth 02:14
26. The Night (La Nuit) 05:08
27. The Count 01:53
28. The Duel 03:02
29. A Knight 01:24
30. At Peace 01:44
31. Love and Friendship 01:18
32. Up There (Là-haut) 04:34
33. Brother 04:07
34. O Ma Belle Lune 02:17
A Plague Tale: Requiem, the spectacular, grounded medieval adventure within a violent fantasy world, has been nominated in no less than five categories for The Game Awards 2022, including the coveted Game of the Year award! We're thrilled by this exciting chance, which confirms the overwhelmingly positive reception of the game.
Part of the success undeniably goes to the game’s remarkable score, also nominated as Best Music for The Game Awards, composed by Olivier Derivière and featuring world-class performers. They gave an exceptional concert for the occasion of the game’s release, now available to watch on YouTube to celebrate the successful first weeks and nominations for The Game Awards.
A Plague Tale: Requiem is an intense emotional journey, powerfully enriched by Olivier Derivière’s poignant compositions. Olivier Derivière is a passionate video games composer and an international star in the field, who won multiple awards and a nomination for the 2017 BAFTA. His degree of implication is rare among video games composers, putting the gameplay at the center of his considerations and even influencing the development through his input.
The outstanding performers who collaborated with Olivier Derivière on the score include Eric-Maria Couturier – a distinguished member of the Ensemble Intercontemporain – and the two-time Grammy Award-winning Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, who lend spellbinding vocals to the compositions.