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Wolfgang Rihm
1952 -
Picture Picture
W. Rihm
Wolfgang Rihm (13/03/1952), a German composer, born in Karlsruhe.
Mein Tod - Requiem in memoriam Jane S.
Composed in:1989
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Wolf Wondratschek
In memory of:Jane S.
Mein Tod – Requiem in memoriam Jane S. is for soprano and large orchestra. Text by Wolf Wondratschek (1943), a German writer.
W. Wondratschek
Requiem of Reconciliation - Communio I
Composed in:1995
Musical form:fragment
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:the victims of World War II
Label(s):Hänssler Classic 98931
The work is a collaborative composition of 14 world-renowned composers from 13 countries involved in the Second World War. The 14 composers are: Luciano Berio of Italy (Prolog); Friedrich Cerha of Austria (Introitus and Kyrie); Paul-Heinz Dittrich (Dies Irae); Marek Kopelent (Judex Ergo); John Harbison (Juste Judex); Arne Nordheim of Norway (Confutatis); Bernard Rands (Interludium); Marc-Andre Dalbavie of France (Offertorium); Judith Weir of England (Sanctus); Krzysztof Penderecki of Poland (Agnus Dei); Wolfgang Rihm (Communio I); Alfred Schnittke and Gennadi Roshdestwenski of Russia (Communio II); Joji Yuasa (Libera me); Gyorgy Kurtag of Romania (Epilog).
The requiem memorializes the victims of the war. Created as a tribute to the victims of World War II, the work was commissioned by The Internationale Bachakademie in Stuttgart, Germany, founded by the well-known conductor Helmuth Rilling, who brought together the 14 composers to collaborate on the piece. Collaborative from conception to birth, Requiem of Reconciliation (Requiem der Versöhnung) was first performed by an international ensemble on April 16, 1995. Originally created as music for a Catholic Mass to commemorate the dead, the requiem provides a venue for the living to remember and honor the dead. As such, Requiem of Reconciliation calls for an international and collective remembrance of all the victims of the Second World War. The composers from Italy, Austria, Germany, Czechoslovakia, U.S.A., Norway, England, France, Poland, Russia, Japan, and Romania, once enemies in the war, came together to provide the international community with the memorial.
Each composer was assigned a separate section of the Requiem of Reconciliation. Each worked within the tradition of the Requiem Mass differently, some incorporating Gregorian chant or other themes traditional to the Latin Mass, and some departing from tradition and simply using the general idea and spirit behind a requiem to guide their composition.

♫ 11. Communio I
© Hänssler Classic 98931
Author:Alwen Bledsoe
Memoria 3 Requiem-Bruchstücke
Period:21st century
Composed in:2004
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Nelly Sachs
Memoria 3 Requiem-Bruchstücke (1994 / 2004), for boys voice, alt, SATB choir and orchestra. Text source: Wer ruft? Szene aus dem Spiel Nachtwache (Die Augen zu) by Nelly Sachs.
(Leonie) Nelly Sachs (1891-1970), as refugee, arrived in Sweden with my mother on May 16, 1940. Since then living in Stockholm and active as writer and translator.
Nelly Sachs
Period:21st century
Composed in:2015/2016
Musical form:free
Label(s):Neon 11732
Requiem-Strophen contains:
* 1. Teil
01. Initial
02. (ohne Satzbezeichnung)
03. Kyrie
* 2. Teil
04. Sonett I
05. Psalm
06. Sonett II
07. Psalm
08. Sonett III
* 3. Teil
09. (ohne Satzbezeichnung)
10. Lacrimosa I
11. Sanctus
12. (ohne Satzbezeichnung)
* 4. Teil
13. Lacrimosa II
14. Agnus Dei
15. Epilog (Strophen)
Source:Booklet of CD Neon 11732

♫ 01. Initial
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 02. (ohne Satzbezeichnung)
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 03. Kyrie
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 04. Sonett I
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 05. Psalm
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 06. Sonett II
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 07. Psalm
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 08. Sonett III
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 09. (ohne Satzbezeichnung)
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 10. Lacrimosa I
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 11. Sanctus
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 12. (ohne Satzbezeichnung)
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 13. Lacrimosa II
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 14. Agnus Dei
© NEOS NEOS 11732

♫ 15. Epilog (Strophen)
© NEOS NEOS 11732