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Thomas Eslam
1965 -
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Th. Eslam
Tom Eslam (30/11/1965), an Australian composer, born in Melbourne.
Eslam: "My ministry involves composing, publishing and recording hymns. In 1994 I self-published a collection of 59 hymns and chants entitled "Hail Mary!", obviously aimed at the Roman Catholic market and since then have published four more volumes of songs: "Sunshine After Rain", "I Give You My Life", "Slowly But Surely" and "Song of Jubilee". The latter books have tended towards religious "pop" songs rather than staid congregational hymns, in such styles as rock & roll, funk, disco, reggae, blues, folk rock, doo-wop, cha-cha and rhythm & blues. I have also composed a few instrumental pieces in the flamenco, jazz and ambient/new age idioms. Some of these works are listed here in SibeliusMusic. I hope you find something worthwile in my music. God Bless You!"
Requiem aeternam
Composed in:1994
Musical form:fragment
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:Peter Sellars
This is a setting (actually, two settings) of the funeral mass liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church, in that church's official language of Latin. Because it is composed in Gregorian Chant syle, it is to be performed a cappella, though an instrumental accompaniment is also acceptable (perhaps organ).