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Pascal Dusapin
1955 -
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P. Dusapin
Pascal Dusapin (29/05/1955), a French composer, born in Nancy. He counts as one of the senior figures in the world of contemporary French music. When he was a featured composer at an Almeida Festival in the 1980s, it was under the banner of an ’atavistic’ school of French composers whose figureheads were Varèse and Xenakis and whose unifying stylistic manner was a kind of wild primitivism arrived at by means of sophisticated calculation.
Author:Steve Lomas
Granum Sinapis, Umbrae Mortis, Dona Eis
Composed in:1998
Musical form:songs
Duration:ca. 45'
Label(s):Disques Montaigne 782116
Naive Auvidis
This requiem is for SATB choir, woodwinds and brass and is divided in three parts:
Granum Sinapis (for chorus) 20'18
Umbrae Mortis (for chorus) 04'13
Dona Eis (for chorus & wind ensemble) 19'53
Source:booklet of cd Disques Montaigne 782116