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Paschal de L'Estocart
c.1539 - c.1584
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P. de L'Estocart
Paschal de l'Estocart (1538 or 1539 – after 1587) was a French Renaissance composer. Not much of his life is known. He was born in Noyon, was in Lyons between 1559 and 1565, and was married in the latter year. In his youth he is known to have visited Italy, but the exact years are not known. He was the protégé of the protestant Seigneurs (Lords) de la Marck and in 1582 he worked for Charles III, Duke of Lorraine. In 1584 he was in the service of the Abbot of Valmont; also that year he won the harpe d'argent (the silver harp) on the musical competition (called a "Puy") at Evreux, for his five-voice motet Ecce quam bonum et quam jucundum. His works show that he belonged to the Huguenot circles of his days. His style of composing is considered to be quite innovative.
Peccantem me quotidie
Period:High Renaissance
Composed in:1582
Musical form:motet
Label(s):Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 88985411762
Peccantem me quotidie, a motet from Sacrae cantiones, 1582
Source:booklet of cd Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 88985411762

♫ Peccantem me quotidie
© Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 88985411762
Responsorium Text:
R. Peccantem me quotidie et non me penitentem, timor mortis conturbat me, quia in inferno nulla est redemption. Miserere mei, deus, et salva me.
R. The fear of death overwhelms me, who sin every day and not repent: for in hell there is no redemption. Have mercy on me O God and spare me.