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Balz Trumpy
1946 -
B. Trümpy
Balz Trümpy (04/08/1946), a Swiss composer. He was born in Basel and spent his childhood in Glarus. His musical education took place at Basel Conservatory with piano under Rolf Maeser and Paul Baumgartner, music theory under Jacques Wildberger and Robert Suter and composition under Gerald Bennett. He also studied composition with Luciano Berio in Rome, during which time he became Berio’s assistant. He has visited IRCAM (Institute of Research and Coordination in Acoustics) in Paris several times. He won the Basel Lions Club Arts Prize in 1977. He has taught composition and music theory at Basel Conservatory since 1979 and from 1982 to 1987 he was the deputy director of the conservatory. He lives in Nuglar near Basel.
Composed in:1975
Musical form:motet
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Libera (1975), for eight voices, electronic organ and synthesizer. Texts by Bibel / Liturgie. A snippet of text from the Catholic Requiem Mass is phonetically ‘dissolved’, reassembled as loud formations and returned to its original unit. Duration: 20'.