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Karen E. Peace
1962 -
United States of America, MA
K.E. Peace
Karen Peace (26/04/1962) a female, American composer, born in Boston, MA USA: multi-faith background, practical philosopher, sorely disillusioned romantic, avid people-watcher, artist, poet, and classical music composer, former software engineer, geek and mystic with left-right brain discussions always going on; interested in music as allied with poetry and art.
I was a software engineer for 14 years and hold an MS in Computer Information Systems and a BA in English Literature. I have been writing songs and/or singing in choruses off and on since age 10. I started writing serious classical music in earnest around April 2006, and love to share music and ideas with other composers. I also love to sing and am a classically trained soprano. For my music work, I use Finale with Garritan Personal Orchestra -- these changed my musical life! Other interests include reading and writing poetry, painting, contemplative practice, cooking for friends, other cultures, good stories, good wine, and good conversation.
Period:21st century
Composed in:2008
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:the composers mother
This Requiem (2008, but still in progress) contains:
01. Requiem aeternam
02. Kyrie
03. Dies irae
04. Tuba mirum
05. Lacrimosa
06. Sanctus
07. Agnus Dei
08. Communio