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Lemuel Capen
1850 - 1902
United States of America, MA
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Ch.L. Capen
Charles Lemuel [Lemuel] Capen (09/02/1850 - 23/10/1902), an American composer; born in Dedham, Massachusetts, USA.
Requiem for a Hero
Composed in:1863
Musical form:song
In memory of:/ dedicated to: Dr. Nathaniel B. Shurtleff sr.
Requiem for a Hero (1863) for piano and SATB voices. Text by George Lunt (13/12/1803 - 17/05/1885), an American editor, lawyer, author, and politician. This poem is respectfully dedicated to Dr. Nathaniel Bradstreet Shurtleff Sr. (22/06/1810 - 17/10/1874), an American politician, serving as the twentieth mayor of Boston, Massachusetts.
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G. Lunt
N.B. Shurtleff sr.