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Albert Viau
1910 - 2001
A. Viau
Albert Viau (06/11/1910 - 27/06/2001), a Canadian baritone, folksinger, teacher, composer, born in Montréal; B MUS (Montreal) 1966, teaching certificate (Quebec Ministry of Education) 1966. He studied piano with Arthur Caron, but at 17 decided to study voice. His teachers were Victor Brault, Arthur Laurendeau (voice), Conrad Letendre (diction), Dom Georges Mercure (Gregorian chant), Oscar O'Brien, Michel Perrault, and Roland Van de Goor (harmony). After studying the classical repertoire, he specialized in folk music and traditional songs.
Requiem (2x)
Musical form:masses
He wrote more than 200 songs, some of which were comic patter songs, as well as hymns and two requiem masses.