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Gottfried von Einem
1918 - 1996
Switzerland | Austria
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G. von Einem
Gottfried von Einem (24/01/1918 - 12/07/1996), educated in Germany and in England, von Einem was one of the most distinguished composers of Austria (not Switzerland). He was born in Bern. He studied composition with Boris Blacher and his musical language is tonal, often with a tendency to the neo-classical.
For the Dresda Opera he composed the ballet Prinzessin Turandot, a genre he found most congenial. His Violin Concerto, completed in 1967, is a good introduction to his music.
Tier - Requiem
Composed in:1996
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Lotte Ingrisch
In memory of:/ dedicated to all oppressed creatures on this earth
Label(s):Orf 2000333
Translated: Animal Requiem (Op.104) for soloists, chorus and orchestra (voice (bariton), owl (soprano), mixed choir and chamber essemble).Length: 30 min. This Requiem was his last composition. Lyrics: Lotte Ingrisch (pseudonym: Tessa Tüvari) was born 20/7/1930 in Vienna. She was Von Einems wife (it was her second marriage). For the Tier-Requiem she used old motives.
L. von Einem-Ingrisch