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Gunnar Idenstam
1961 -
G. Idenstam
Per Gunnar Emanuel [Gunnar] Idenstam (18/11/1961), a Swedish composer, born in the far north of Sweden, is a concert organist, composer, arranger and folk musician. In 1984, he was awarded 1:st prize in the prestigious improvisation competition "Grand Prix de Chartres" and since then his career has taken him to many parts of the world.
A Saami Requiem
Period:21st century
Composed in:2022
Musical form:free
Label(s):Toccata Next – TOCN 0017
A Saami Requiem written by Gunnar Idenstam & Ola Stinnerbom, contains:
01. Entrée (4:23)
02. Requiem aeternam (5:55)
03. Misterioso (4:00)
04. Blues Yoik in C (2:09)
05. Pols Yoik (2:40)
06. Saaiva-The Door to the Kingdom of Death (4:03)
07. Mirrored Chorale (8:16)
08. Percussion Meditation (4:03)
09. Adagio (4:09)
10. Jaamie Ahkka's Death Yoik (4:05)
11. The Return Voyage (4:32)
12. Back in This World (4:14)
13. Blues Yoik in E (4:43)
14. Epilogue & Hymn (6:30)
Contributor:Arye Kendi

♫ 01. Entrée
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 02. Requiem aeternam
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 03. Misterioso
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 04. Blues Yoik in C
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 05. Pols Yoik
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 06. Saaiva-The Door to the Kingdom of Death
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 07. Mirrored Chorale
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 08. Percussion Meditation
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 09. Adagio
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 10. Jaamie Ahkka's Death Yoik
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 11. The Return Voyage
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 12. Back in This World
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 13. Blues Yoik in E
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017

♫ 14. Epilogue & Hymn
© Toccata Classics TOCN 0017
Saami Requiem is a music and dance production by Gunnar Idenstam and Ola Stinnerbom. The piece is a spiritual mass in which the audience is invited to ”the other world” , the world of death. A world that is inhabited by wondrous and mythical creatures and animals. Here comes only the one who has met death. In the Sami tradition this person is a Nåjd, a Shaman in the Sami tradition, a spiritual leader, who can do this journey and return to our world. The music and the joik describe a journey from our world to the world of death and the return to our world. Our guide is Ola Stinnerbom. The organ is included as a link to the Christian tradition, because the two traditions have much in common. Heaven and Earth, fire, water and air meet in the music, and the organ is reinforced by guitars and percussion. Some of the percussion sounds are samples from Schaman drums made by Ola Stinnerbom after ancient models. The music unites folk music and joik with French cathedral tradition and rock.
Ola Stinnerbom