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Ib Norholm
1931 - 2019
I. Nørholm
Ib Nørholm (24/01/1931 - 10/06/2019), a Danish composer, from Søborg, Copenhagen. He has composed a large and ever increasing number of works that vary considerably in style and medium: late Romanticism, strict Serialism, Fluxus, intimate chamber music, solo music and simple ballads reminiscent of Danish folk-song. One phrase that might be used to characterize his output is "a kaleidoscope of stylistic quotations".
Ib Nørholm born in 1931 in Søborg, Copenhagen. Sudied with i.a. Vagn Holmboe at The Royal Danish Academy of Music. Diploma and organ degree in 1954-55. Teacher at the academy in Odense, from 1973 at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, professor from 1981. He wrote opera’s , orchestral works, chamber music, piano music, and vocal music for soli and chorus, e.g. Sacrifice. op.34 (1969) Light and Song of Praise op.55 (1972) and Maybe a Requiem (1997).
Måske et requiem
Composed in:1997
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Poul Borum (Danish) and Latin mass
Måske et requiem ("Maybe a Requiem"), Op.143, is for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, viola, double bass, percussion, and piano. Text: Danish texts by Poul Borum and Latin mass.
Poul Villiam Borum (15/10/1934 - 10/05/1996), a Danish author and poet.
P.V. Borum