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Regina Irman
1957 -
R. Irman
Regina Irman (22/03/1957), a female Swiss composer. She was born in Winterthur, where she spent her childhood. After graduating in 1976 she continued her musical studies at Winterthur Conservatory where she received a teacher's diploma in guitar in 1982. At the age of 28 she took up percussion and in 1995 received a concert diploma with distinction. She began composing as a student and later became intensively involved until composition became her central focus. Irman is particularly interested in experimental contexts, microtonality, and rhythmic organisation. The redeployment of a variety of genres, often in combination with language, plays an important role in her compositional work. Today she works as a composer, instrumental teacher and percussionist (preferably in the world of contemporary music). She has received commissions from the City and Canton of Zurich, the ‘Pro Helvetia’, the festival ‘Tage für Neue Musik Zurich’, the Basel International Festival for New Block Flute Music, the fifth Swiss Women’s Congress in Bern and various ensembles.
Requiem "An den Tod"
Composed in:1993
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Anna Achmatowa
Requiem "An den Tod" (1991-1993), based on a text by Anna Achmatowa, for twenty-five female voices in six groups from very high to very low register and a minimum of three male voices (bass solo). Text by Anna Akhmatova.
This piece is based on a phonetic analysis of the voice of Achmatowa as she reads one of her own texts, and it is the musical rather than the semantic elements of Achmatowa's recitation that have been used. A cantus firmus-like line (male voices) defines the melody of her speech in a slow motion tempo. The six choir groups run "homophonically" and are a vertically "harmonious" splitting of the cantus firmus. Commissioned by Pro Helvetia.
Anna Akhmatova