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Athena Gala
1972 -
Canada | Greece
J.A. Gala
Jennifer Athena Gaalatis a.k.a Athena Gala (1972), a female Canadian composer, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She is a successful composer who was born in Canada but moved to Greece at the age of 5 where she took her first piano lessons. In Greece she studied classical music with professor Gerassimos Kakalis, Chalari and composition with Yannis Kastrinos. She completed her studies at Juillard School with professor Oxana Yablonskaya. After Juillard she studied privately with professor Claude Savard at the University of Montreal. Presently she is a very active composer in the film industry. She has composed numerous soundtracks and music for films. Miss Athena Gala she is also an associated professor of the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Assistant Director of Lasalle Music Academy.
Requiem for Maria Nikolaidou
Period:21st century
Composed in:2005
Musical form:free
In memory of:Maria Nikolaidou
Requiem for Maria Nikolaidou contains:
01. Part I Psalmus (5:02)
02. Part II Optimus (3:17)
03. Part III Aria for Maria (3:52)
04. Part IV Prayer (2:47)
05. Part V Iinterlude (1:43)

In March of 2005 I lost my best friend and mentor Maria Nikolaidou. Maria she was my first piano teacher and a mother figure to me. She passed away at the age of 55 suddenly last year and after her death I started composing The Requiem.
My Requiem is a work in progress and I will be adding new parts as they come along. Maria was a very important person in Greece. With my music I try to capture that majestic feeling that she had when she was interacting with people.
I composed the Aria first actually. I did use the leap of the perfect 5th interval which it has been used quite often by a lot of composers.
In the Prayer I used boys choir sounds that I played on my Synthesizer. I used the excellent Sounds from Spectrasonics Symphony of Voices which all film composers use in their projects.
The Interlude is a variation of the Aria.