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Amédée Tremblay
1876 - 1949
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P.-J.A. Tremblay
Pierre-Joseph Amédée [Amédée] Tremblay (14/04/1876 - 14/07/1949), a Canadian organist, composer, teacher, born in Montreal 14 Apr 1876, died in Los Angeles 1949. He began study at 12 with Father Sauvé, the organist at St-Joseph Church, Montreal, continuing with Alcibiade Béique (piano and organ) and Father Cléophas Borduas (Gregorian chant). Though he competed successfully for the post of organist at the Dominican Church, St-Hyacinthe, he accepted instead a post at St-Joseph Church in Montreal, which he held 1892-4. In 1894 he founded a choral society, the Orphéon de St-Joseph, which became the Orphéon Goulet when J.-J. Goulet succeeded Tremblay as director in 1895. Tremblay was organist 1894-1920 at Notre-Dame Basilica in Ottawa and was a prominent figure in the musical life of the capital as an organist, composer, and teacher. His pupils included Wilfrid Charette, Oscar O'Brien, and his own son, the composer George (Amédée). Tremblay Sr moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1920 as organist at the Cathedral of the Madeleine, then settled in 1925 in Los Angeles as organist at St Vincent's Roman Catholic church, remaining there until his death.