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Johann Vogel
1756 - 1788
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J.Chr. Vogel
Johann Christoph [Johann] Vogel [Fogel] (18/03/1756 - 28/06/1788), a German composer. He spent most of his life working in France. He moved to Paris in 1776, and entered the service of the Duke of Montmorency and then of the Count of Valentinois as a horn player. He composed a great number of orchestral and chamber works but is best remember for his oratorio Jephté, performed at the Concert Spirituel in September 1781, and for his two operas. Although his music was received favourably, his works never became extremely popular because they were deemed as ‘too complicated and baroque’.
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
No details available.
Source:Dagny Wegner, Requiemvertonungen in Frankreich zwischen 1670 und 1850, Hamburg, 2005