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Guillermo Quevedo Zornoza
1886 - 1964
G.Q. Zornoza
Guillermo Quevedo Zornoza (25/11/1886 - 09/03/1964), a Colombian composer and poet; born in Zipaquirá, Cundinamarca. He received his first lessons in music and piano by his uncle Julio Quevedo (Chapín). When his uncle died, he continued studies with his aunt Carolina Quevedo Arévalo, by the time of the war of the thousand days. He studied elementary school in the College of San Luis Gonzaga. In 1905, he was appointed director of the band of the school military of cadets, in Bogotá, served for three years. In 1908 he was appointed director of the Music Conservatory of Tolima, where remained for 16 years. Composer of numerous zarzuelas, symphonic suites, and religious music.
Misa de Requiem
Musical form:mass
Misa de Requiem for soli, choir and orchestra.
Source:Robert Chase, Dies Irae: A Guide to Requiem Music, Scarecrow Press, Inc. 2003