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Paul van Westering
1911 - 1991
The Netherlands
P.C. van Westering
Paul Christiaan [Paul] van Westering (09/07/1911 - 03/03/1991), a Dutch organist and composer, born in Amsterdam, died in Zandvoort. He studied with Jan Mul (composition), Henk Badings (instrumentation) and in Paris with Marcel Dupré (organ). Van Westering worked as a cantor / organist in various places in the Netherlands and was music editor of The Hague's Post. He was the first player of Breeders 31-tone organ in the Teyler Museum in Haarlem. For this organ he wrote a Play Method (1952). Furthermore, he published The instruments of the orchestra (1952) and the person behind the musician (1965). Westering composed mainly of choral works, songs, children's songs (including on texts by Annie, for example in the bundle Dikkertje Dap), organ works, chamber music and a musical. Very well known is his tone of the Dutch version of the Creed, the Apostolic Creed.
Composed in:1979
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Requiem + poems about death 1979/1980
Requiem (1979) in F major, for SATB and organ/harmonium. Attachement: schrift met teksten "Requiem + gedichten over de dood 1979/1980".