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Maria Teresa Pelegrí i Marimón
1907 - 1995
M.T. Pelegrí i Marimón
Maria Teresa Pelegrí i Marimón (04/03/1907 – 18/03/1995) was a female Spanish composer. She was born in Barcelona and studied piano as a child. When she married, she gave up her musical activities, but after twenty years renewed her interest. She studied piano with Joan Gibert and Carles Pellicer, counterpoint and fugue with Josep Poch and composition with Josep Soler. She also took classes on twentieth-century music with Carles Guinovart.
Composed in:1976
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Requiem for flute, cello, organ and choir.
Author:Adel Heinrich
Source:Organ and Harpsichord Music by Women Composers: An Annotated Catalog