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Peter Johns
20th - century
United States of America
P. Johns
Peter Johns (20th century), an American composer.
Johns: "I have a degree in Creative Arts majoring in composition and music performance and I am currently the Director of Worship and the Arts for an alternative church community in Houston. I have written three full length musicals so far. Edensong and Requiem for Judas - a Parable of Grace for adults, and a show for children: Sheep - The Musical. I have also written a full length Tenebrae Service for choir and soloists that had it's world premier in Houston On Good Friday 2004. I am currently considering orchestrating the Tenbrae and working on a new children's musical about the secret lives of nativity sets (!) . I have very eclectic music tastes everything from Arvo Part to the Dixie Chicks but I am an almost obsessive collector of the works of Stephen Sondheim.
Requiem for Judas - a Parable of Grace
Composed in:1999
Musical form:musical
Text/libretto:Latin mass + English texts by P.Johns and Phillip P. Bliss
In memory of:Judas
This musical Requiem for Judas - a Parable of Grace has 5 sections from the Mass. The sections are composed so that the English tanslation of the text is either sung as part of the peice or as a peice direcetly following it. This was deliberate as there are not many fluent latin speakers in West Texas. The other deliberate choice was to not set the text in a somber mood - to treat the text as a prayer of hope of Eternal Rest for the departed (In this case Judas). Texts by P.Johns and Phillip P. Bliss.
P.P. Bliss (1838 - 1876) is the songwriter for many of our beloved hymns, a friend and companion of D.L. Moody and others, a soul-winner, and he died at the age of 37 with his wife in a tragic train accident.
P.P. Bliss