Hans Huber
1852 - 1921
H. Huber
Hans Huber (28/06/1852 - 25/12/1921), a Swiss composer (born in Eppenberg), whose music and life straddled the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The music itself remains resolutely a product of vintage nineteenth century romanticism. Nothing desperately original here but whoever said that music had to be original to be enjoyable. His grounding in music came from his father, a skilled amateur musician. He became a chorister at Solothurn but made such astounding progress with his piano studies that he switched from an ecclesiastical learning environment to a secular college. From 1870 to 1874 he attended Leipzig Conservatory studying with Reinecke. He then taught in the Alsace until, in 1877, he came to Basel. Denied a place at the Basel Conservatory until 1889, once ensconced, he soon made rapid progress as his works gained recognition. By 1896 he had been appointed Director. He died in Locarno in 1921 in the same year as Saint-SaŽns.
Requiem in C flat
Composed in:1877c
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
This Requiem in C flat (with a "Libera") is his opus 21.