Hubert Hanghofer
1931 -
H. Hanghofer
Hubert Hanghofer (12/11/1931), an Austrian composer, born in Schenkenfelden, Upper-Autria. He studied at the episcopalian teacher training college in Linz (now Musikgymnasium - a secondary school focusing on music), where he did the A-levels in music under Prof. Josef Kronsteiner (conductor of the Linz Cathedral Orchestra) in 1952. In subsequent years he studied harmony under Prof. Kögler in Wels and orchestration under Prof. Waldeck at the "Brucknerkonservatorium" in Linz. He also passed the examination for musical education with distinction.
Since 1955 he lives in Thalheim near Wels (Upper Austria) where he founded and conducted the "Motet Choir". He was employed as teacher and finally became principal of the regional school. To date he holds an office as organist for 55 years. He has been already composing as a young teacher. Since then he wrote many pieces for choir, organ, vocal and instrumental solists but also for brass- and wind-orchestra. His works have been published by the music-department of the bishopric in Linz and by Blasmusikverlag Adler in Bad Aussee.
Author:Hubert Hanghofer jr. (son of the composer)
Hanghofer: "I was born on November 12th, 1931 in Schenkenfelden. After primary and secondary school, I attended the episcopal teacher training institute in from 1947 to 1952 Linz, Stifterstrasse. I have been in Thalheim b.W. since autumn 1955. resident. Was 37 years I here as a teacher in the VS and in the Polyt. Lg. Active, 15 years of which as a manager. I have been organist here for 58 years, and I headed that of for 40 years I founded the motet choir. I've been married to Christine since 1958 3 children and 5 grandchildren. My musical education: I started playing the zither at the age of 10, with 14 violin, with 15 piano and then more and more the organ. I graduated from Music with Josef Kronsteiner, studied harmony with Prof. Wolfgruber and with Music school director Walter Kögler, passed the specialist examination in Music education and attended the Linz Conservatory for one year in the field of instrumentation. The focus of my compositional activity was initially in the field of vocal music (German masses, motets, solo songs, ...), then with entertaining pieces for wind orchestra, and finally with many pieces for various instruments with organ accompaniment, for string quartets for the family Dr. Welf Nordmeyer and of course short pieces for the organ. The Music Council of the Diocese of Linz has postponed some of my masses. I denote me as a hobby composer who composes tailor-made. With the performers I was and am always in contact. In composition competitions I was awarded the first prize twice. There was already radio broadcasts of German trade fairs that I was responsible for. Even if I've already passed my 80s, making music keeps me young, because if you rest, you rust. I am an avid model pilot and self-taught the Italian language. God protect my further life."
Author:Hubert Hanghofer
Deutsche Totenmesse
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:German Bible verses
This Deutsche Totenmesse is for mixed choir (tenor ad lib.) and organ.