Tomás ODrisceoil
1986 -
T. O Drisceoil
Tom O'Drisceoil (02/01/1986), an Irish composer, from Cork.
O'Drisceoil: "Most of my music is written for small or large orchestras, but I also write chamber and solo works. I mostly write in a more traditional style, with some modern influences. For example, I've recently become preoccupied with the Aeolian mode, and I use this in place of the conventional minor scale in almost all of my minor-mode works. I also write contemporary (i.e. atonal) music. It can produce very dynamic and even melodic effects when not subjected to the "random notes" approach. All of my atonal works are approached from a fairly traditionalist point of view."
Author:Tom O'Drisceoil
Requiem Missa ad omnium defunctorum quos nemo recordatur
Period:21st century
Composed in:2005
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:all the dead who are remembered by no-one
This is a rather traditional orchestral requiem, with the words almost entirely in Latin, apart from three verses in the "Agnus Dei" which I wrote myself. The Latin portion of the title means "Mass for all the dead who are remembered by no-one," and the piece is dedicated to the memory of those souls who died throughout history whose death and life are no longer or were never remembered. It has taken me a year to write this piece in its many incarnations (over six versions, three of which had an extensive "Dies irae" section). This piece differs from most requiems in that it has no "Dies irae". "Dies irae" is too apocalyptic and terrifying for the message of this requiem, which is of hope and peace. I hope that you will feel the message of the piece as you listen to it and that it will touch your heart in some way.
It contains:
01. Requiem aeternam and Kyrie
02. Offertorium: Domine Jesu Christe
03. Offertorium: Hostias
04. Sanctus: Sanctus
05. Sanctus: Benedictus
06. Agnus Dei
07. Libera Me
08. In Paradisum
Author:Tom O Drisceoil