Francesco Anichini
1830 - 1901
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F. Anichini
Francesco Anichini (04/10/1830 - 22/06/1901), an Italian theory teacher and composer (born in Florence). Italian composer of chamber and church music; Professor at the Royal Institute of Music Florence; won prizes in 1862, 1863, 1865 for string quartets He also published a Requiem with grand orchestra an Ave Maria for four voices and other church music.
Author:John Denison Champlin, William Foster Apthorp - Scribner
Source:Cyclopedia of music & musicians, Volume 1 ( 1893)
Composed in:1850c
A requiem for four voices and grand orchestra.
Source:Dagny Wegner, Requiemvertonungen in Frankreich zwischen 1670 und 1850, Hamburg, 2005
Messa di Requiem
Composed in:1881
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Messa di Requiem per tenori e bassi con soli e orchestra. Partitura 1881.