John Howley
1949 - 2014
United States of America, RI | CA
J.R. Howley
John Richard [John] Howley (01/01/1949 - 17/12/2014), an American composer, musician, painter and animation story sketch artist, born in Providence (Rhode Island).
Requiem for Choir and Orchestra
Period:21st century
Composed in:2006
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:Charles Mandina and Raymond L. Howley
This Requiem is for Choir and Orchestra. Composition by John Howley; Orchestration by Jonathan Beard. The work was written after the passing of a close friend, Mr. Charles Mandina (1927 - 2005) and my father, Mr Raymond L. Howley (1918 - 2004).
The 7 Movements are:
01. Requiem Aeternam (Introit)
02. Kyrie
03. O Domine (Offertorium)-abbreviated text
04. Sanctus
05. Agnus Dei
06. Ave Christus (Communion) (original text by myself)
07. In Paradisum
Author:John Howley
The Idea of doing a Requiem first came to me when I heard Morton Lauridsens' emotional and profound work, LUX AETERNA. On hearing it, I thought that it was time I too tackle the subject of Death and the human experience in some form or another. I remembered the beautiful Requiem by Gabriel Faure and how beauty and hope seems to emanate from within the soul of this great work. His In Paradisum was my inspiration to end my requiem with the same text. Once I set upon the task of composing a requiem, Latin was the natural language for me as it seems to fit so well this solemn musical occasion. Many composers have used various texts in their Requiems. Some more traditional and set for a Mass setting; others for the concert hall. I wanted to compose a work that could be performed in either situation, preferably a Mass setting. Also, seeing how modern man has a short tension span, and that Parishes may not have adequate funds, I wanted the work to be of a shorter nature than most and easily performed with a chamber orchestra if need be.
I had in mind that my work would not dwell on the darkness of the subject but tend toward the joyful fulfillment of a soul on it's journey to it's final resting place - to return from whence it came. However, sombre as the subject is, I wanted to hint at the dark mystery of this stage of ones life. The Opening movement starts with nothing but the subtle pounding of the Timpani - the hearbeat of life in transition. The dramatic climax of this work might be found in the the Agnus Dei as the pounding chorus and the orchestra reaches a Fortissimo complete with crashing Tam Tam. In the final Movement, the IN PARADISUM, , (completely re-written after the other movements were in place) Is a fond farewell to the soul as it has weathered the storm and now is ready to ascend to its final home.
Author:John Howley
"It was a joy to collaborate with John and work with his music as an orchestrator, assisting him to flesh out his arrangements into a chamber orchestral form.  This work is clearly very personal to John, and his affection and commitment are apparent throughout.  The piece is both earnest and sensitive; heavily bombastic at times while quietly soaring at others. In two words, the best way to describe John Howley's requiem is 'deeply felt' - on every emotional level."
Author:Jonathan Beard (orchestrator)