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Giovanni Liverati
1772 - 1846
G. Liverati
Giovanni Liverati (27/03/1772 - 18/02/1846), an Italian composer, born in Bologna, died in Florence. Initially an opera singer, he became Kapellmeister of the Italian Opera at Potsdam in 1796 and of the Prague National Theatre in 1799. In 1805-14 he taught singing in Vienna; later he was composer and music director at the King's Theatre, London. He composed 12 operas and other vocal music.
Giovanni Liverati, a dramatic singer and composer, pupil of the brothers Tibaldi for the elements of music, and at the age of fourteen of Abbate Mattei in composition and of Lorenzo Gibelli in singing. In early youth noted as a singer in churches and concerts, he became first tenor at the Italian theatre in Barcelona in 1792, and afterwards in Madrid ; was called to Potsdam, to conduct the royal opera, and in 1800 became director of the theatre orchestra in Prague. In 1804 he went to Trieste, and in 1805 to Vienna, where he lived as vocal instructor, in close intercourse with Haydn, Beethoven, and Salieri, till 1814, when he was appointed composer to the royal theatre in London. He returned to Italy in 1817.
Grand Requiem Mass
Composed in:1790c
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Messa da Requiem for four voices and orchestra.
Author:John S. Sainsbury and Alexandre Étienne Choron
Source:A Dictionary of Musicians, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time