Rolf Enström
1951 -
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R. Enström
Rolf Enström (02/11/1951), a Swedish composer, who unceasingly seeks new artistic paths and new means of expression and this is something which has led him to combine music with other art forms, primarily the visual arts and literature.
Rolf Enström is a dramatic composer who prefers to work with strong contrasts; violent outbreaks and pauses/silences are important elements in his music. Although the music may often be brutal and violent, charged with dramatic seriousness, one can also catch a glimpse of Enström's characteristic humor hidden somewhere in the textural web in the form of small unexpected sounds, as well as a well developed sense for lyricism and form.
Composed in:1981
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Elsa Grave
Label(s):Caprice CAP 21374
Slutförbannelser (Final Curses) is a profane requiem, with a text by the Swedish poet Elsa Grave (1918), a work with powerful dramatic tension, drew much attention at the time of its composition. Duration: 34'24.
Author:Hans-Gunnar Peterson; Translation George Kentros
E. Grave (text)