Karel Hamm
1876 - 1937
The Netherlands
K. Hamm
Karel Hamm (21/05/1876 - 06/05/1937), a Dutch Music Teacher, conductor and composer. Son and in many functions of the successor Gerhard Hamm. On 21 May 1876 in Venlo born Karl received his musical training at the Cologne Conservatory in late nineteenth century had an excellent reputation. After 1900, when he gradually took over the functions of his father, he had a stimulating influence on the Venlo musical life. As conductor of several choirs and later as director of the music he showed more courage than his father. Karl Hamm was the big man behind the increase in Venlo oratorios and operas as "Die Jahreszeiten" and the "Flying Dutchman". He composed numerous choral works, piano pieces, songs, operas, music for wind and brass band, chamber and church music. Hamm often served as a jury member at national and international choir competitions, was also conductor of choirs from around Venlo (including the German Lobberich) and was a long time director of urban music in Eindhoven. He died on May 6, 1937 in Venlo.
Composed in:1937
Musical form:uncompleted
Requiem (uncompleted, because of the illness and death of the composer), for 4 voices and piano.