Toon Hagen
1959 -
The Netherlands
T. Hagen
Toon Hagen (12/12/1959), a Dutch organist, composer and cantor. Studied organ and church music in The Hague. Was working as cantor organist in Wassenaar. Since 2000 as cantor-organist associated with the Grote or Sint-MichaŽlskerk in Zwolle. There he directs the MichaŽlscantorij and the MichaŽlscantate choir. In addition to his work as a church musician and concert organist, he is also active as a composer.
Koester de namen
Period:21st century
Composed in:2012
Musical form:cantata
Text/libretto:Sytze de Vries
Duration:ca. 60'
Label(s):Hovo cd 291210
Koester de namen, a modern, protestant requiem or in Dutch: Gedachteniscantate. Texts by Sytze de Vries (1945, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands).
S. de Vries