Elisabeth Lauer-Larsen
1932 -
United States of America, MA
E. Lauer-Larsen
Elizabeth Lauer-Larsen (02/12/1932), a female American composer and pianist, born in in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Her works are mainly in the fields of chamber and vocal music. Career: Assistant president Columbia Records, New York City, 1957-1962, associate producer, 1962-1963. Lecturer Fairfield County, 1978. Instructor, innovator Music for Dancers Regional Center for the Arts, Connecticut. Instructor University Bridgeport, since 1990. Composer-in-residence various programs and seminars, New York City. Performer-opera New England Opera, Fairfield County, 1980-1984. Performer, author on video Reading & O'Reilly, since 1988. Performer many solo piano programs, including 14 at Lincoln Center, New York City, chamber music programs, orchestra performances.
Offertory from Requiem Mass
Composed in:1989
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
In memory of:Wanda Landowska
This piece is for two voices (S or T and Mez or Bar), two voices choir and organ, in commemoration of Wanda Landowska.
Author:Adel Heinrich
Source:Organ and Harpsichord Music by Women Composers: An Annotated Catalog
Wanda Aleksandra Landowska (05/07/1879 16/08/1959) was a Polish-French harpsichordist whose performances, teaching, recordings and writings played a large role in reviving the popularity of the harpsichord in the early 20th century. She became a naturalized French citizen in 1938.
W.A. Landowski