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Horomona Horo
1978 -
New Zealand
H. Horo
Horomona Horo (1978) is a New Zealand Māori musician and composer. He is a practitioner of taonga pūoro, the collective term for the traditional musical instruments of the Māori, which include an array of flutes, trumpets and percussive instruments.
Requiem for the Fallen
Period:21st century
Composed in:2014
Musical form:free
Text/libretto:Latin mass and texts by Vincent O'Sullivan
Label(s):Atoll acd617
Horomona Horo wrote this Requiem together with Ross Harris.
Texts by Vincent O’Sullivan (28/09/1937) is one of New Zealand's best-known writers. He is a poet, short story writer, novelist, playwright, critic, editor, biographer, and librettist.
Requiem for the Fallen (2014) for tenor, SATB choir, taonga puoro, bass drum and string quartet.
It contains:
01. Introduction. Maimai Apakura 3:13
02. Requiem aeternam 4:10
03. Libera nos 6:51
04. Gradual 3:05
05. Sanctus 3:15
06. Agnus Dei 4:34
07. Dies irae 7:41
08. Memento mori 1:13
09. In paradisum 3:52
10. Pax vobis. Et cum spiritu tuo 6:26
Source:booklet of cd Atoll acd617