Hendrik Hofmeyr
1957 -
South Africa
H. Hofmeyr
Hendrik Hofmeyr (20/11/1957), a South African composer. He was born in Cape Town. He has achieved international recognition for his compositions in a relatively short period of time. Apart from winning the SA Opera Competition and a Nederburg Prize in 1988 for his opera The Fall of the House of Usher, he has won several national and international competitions, including the Queen Elizabeth Competition of Belgium and the first edition of the Dimitris Mitropoulos Competition in Athens, both in 1997. He graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Master of Music degree, before leaving for Italy on an overseas scholarship in 1981. During ten years of self-imposed exile in Italy, he obtained Italian State Diplomas in piano, composition and conducting. Hofmeyr returned to South Africa in 1992 to take up a post at the University of Stellenbosch.He recently completed a Doctorate in Music and is currently associate professor at the University of Cape Town.
Composed in:1993
In memory of:/ dedicated to Acáma Fick and the Stellenbosch Camarata
Requiem (1975 - 1993) for SSAATTBB, SATB solos and double mixed chorus, published by Boosey&Hawkes (New York).
The four movements of this Requiem are:
01. Requiem & Kyrie
02. Dies Irae,
03. Domine Jesu Christe
04. Lux aeterna

These four movements of this Requiem are linked by the composer through the use of two contrasting motives: A sombre motif introduced by “Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine” and the opposite a luminous one with salvation, the eternal light “et lux perpetua luceat eis”. The Requiem Aeternam is immediately followed by the Kyrie. In the “Dies irae” the plainchant is used as a cantus firmus. This Requiem ends with an emotional “Lux aeterna”. From the beginning there is a falsetto Bass note eb’ , as symbol for the eternal light of salvation, sung during the total part of the last movement and surrounded by luminous harmonies. This Requiem is set for a maximum of eleven voices (SSSAAATTBBB) in “ad te omnis caro veniet” and a minimum of two voices SB or AT. This Requiem is dedicated to Acáma Fick (choir conductor) and the Stellenbosch Camerata.
Author:Wim Goossens
Acáma Fick
Pie Jesu
Period:21st century
Composed in:2001
Musical form:fragment
In memory of:the composer's teacher Laura Searle
Requiem fragment for mixed chorus, published by Boosey&Hawkes (New York).
The Pie Jesu was written in memory of Hendrik Hofmeyr's erstwhile piano teacher and mentor, Laura Searle, and was first performed at her funeral.