Frans Josef Krafft
1727 - 1795
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F.J. Krafft
Frans Josef Krafft (27/07/1727 (or 1721) - 13/01/1795), a Belgian composer, from Brussels. He is the son of Jan Laurens Krafft, poet, writer, engraver, music publisher and composer. Frans Josef Krafft studied composition in Italy under Durante. He settled in Ghent in 1765.
Source:booklet of cd: Requiem pour un millÚnaire
Missa di requiem
Composed in:1765
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Arion ARN 55393
In Ghent Krafft composed his Requiem for the large vocal ensembles of the cathedral there. It was used for the funeral services of the sisters of the Great Beguine Convent in Louvain. The very sober themes, showing resignation and acceptance of death, are somewhat reminscent of those of Mozart's Requiem (the latter was born in 1756, thirty-five years after Krafft). Though different, the two works share the same style.
Source:booklet of cd: Requiem pour un millÚnaire