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Pedro Rimonte
1565 - 1627
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P. Rimonte
Pedro Rimonte -also Ruimonte, Raimonteo, Ruymonte- (1565 - 30/11/1627), a Spanish musician, born in Zaragoza. Rimonte served the Spanish court in Brussels as choirmaster and, from 1601, as master of chamber music. His principal works, all publisged in Antwerp, included a set of five masses and a Requiem (1604), a set of twelve motets and a Lamentations (1607); and El Parnasso espaņol, a set of seventeen madrigals and villancicos (1614).
De profundis clamavi - Missa pro defunctis
Period:Late Renaissance
Composed in:1604
Musical form:motet
Label(s):Cantus 9604
Period:Late Renaissance
Composed in:1604
Musical form:mass
Text/libretto:Latin mass
Label(s):Etcetera KTC 4018
This Requiem contains:
- Requiem
- Kyrie
- Tractus: Absolve, Domine
- Offertorium
- Sanctus
- Benedictus
- Agnus Dei
- Communio
Absolutiones in solemnibus Exequis
Period:Late Renaissance
Composed in:1616
In memory of:Miguel de Cervantes [Saavedra] (1547-1616)
Absolutiones in solemnibus Exequis, written on the death of Miguel de Cervantes [Saavedra] (1547-1616), writer of El ingenioso hidalgo don Quixote de la Mancha (1605).
Author:Herman Ram